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Welcome to Salt & Acres

Welcome to Salt & Acres

Hello All! 

Once you arrive at the Acres, something is different. Your worries slip away and you are able to become fully present. It has always been our goal to create a getaway location, for me I always felt like I wanted to step into a Hallmark Movie. With a short drive north of Denver and just east of I-25, it has quickly become a destination that everyone wants to keep a secret! We love having the opportunity to be the meeting place for family and friends, and the location of many special memories made. 

Why salt? We created Salt & Acres to be the SALT OF THE EARTH. That may resonate with everyone differently but our mission embody what we believe salt is- good, honest, dependable, hard-working, genuine, humble and real. Our goal is show up and take good care of people- so that you can go into the world and be a good person to others. 

When you come to Salt & Acres, we strive for quality over quantity. Our menu of food and beverage includes some of the best ingredients both local and imported. Everything is created to be a sharable dish, to enjoy the taste of the Acres along with some of your best friends or cherished family members. 

We get the question all the time- Is this just a winery for adults? All ages are welcome! We never focus on the age of our guest, but rather the experience they are looking for. There is something for everyone when you come out to visit. Enjoy the Tasting Room, relax on the lawn, shop The Barn and take in all of the sites when you come to spend your time with us. 

You may notice the ampersand is often used frequently in our logos, apparel, menus and more. We love what the word AND does to something and we are huge fans of pairing things together! Just like Salt & Acres, we hope that you have wine & charcuterie, olive cake & espresso martini, flatbread & local beer, rocky mountain soda & ice cream sandwiches. 

So, when you come to visit us- I hope you make memories & enjoy an amazing glass of wine, shop the barn & enjoy the views, join us on a Friday evening & a Sunday morning for brunch! 

We can't wait to welcome you out! 



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