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At Salt & Acres, we believe friends, family and flowers all have the unique ability to bring color and vibrancy to our world. Prosper Fields is a delicately curated cut flower farm and garden that we blossom on-site to bring more color and ebuillance to your life. More than a garden, however, Prosper Fields represents the deepest of our beliefs at Salt & Acres—that dreams can only take root in the supportive soil of our community and through tender loving care will bloom into beautiful flowers for everyone to enjoy. 


Grown on the acres

Flowers are planned, grown and cut on sight at Salt & Acres. Bouquet variety adjust weekly and are curated based on the harvest.

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Welcome to prosper fields

Greetings from Prosper Fields!

Greetings from Prosper Fields!

The time has come- Prosper Fields is ready to make its debut!

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